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  • Community Level Arsenic Removal Plant (Model-I)

    IPR Status: Design

  • Community-level arsenic water filter

    IPR Status: Patent

  • Micro Fuel Cell

    IPR Status: Copyright

  • Community Level Fluoride Removal Plant

    IPR Status: Design

  • Process Technology for Manufacturing of Engineering Components from Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)

    IPR Status: Copyright

    Level/Skill of Department: Rotavator blades: 'L̛' type ADI Blades, ADI crankshaft, ADI hammers, Gudgeon Pin

    Major raw materials to be utilized : Steel scrap, High quality Pig iron, foundry returns, ferroalloy and foundry chemicals like sodium silicate, CO2 gas and silica sand, refractory paints. Heat treatment salt

    Major Equipments: Induction melting Furnace, Converter/ladle for Mg treatment of liquid iron, Heat treatment furnace, Fettling equipment, Lathe and Milling machine

    Status of commercialization: Technology has been transferred to one Indian Industry in non-exclusive basis.

    Techno-economic: ADI components are 20-30% less costly than steel counter parts

    Technology package: Technology package for above ADI components can be handed over to the industries as and when required. The ADI process technology developed at CSIR –CMERI, can also be extended for manufacturing of other complex geometry engineering components.

  • Integrated Waste management for Municipal Solid waste

    IPR Status: Others

  • Automatic Biomass Briquetting Machine

    IPR Status: Others

  • Design and development of kitchen waste biogas plant

    IPR Status: Others

  • Production of Biodiesel from Tung Seeds in North East India

    IPR Status: Others

  • Smart Car Parking Slot Identification

    IPR Status: Others

    Level/Skill of Department: The technology has been successfully demonstrated for 35 Parking lots widely distributed at CSIR-CMERI office and residential campus

    Major Equipments: Sensor suite, Embedded Controller boards, Ethernet Shields, Single Board Computer with peripherals, Ethernet router

    Status of commercialization: Yet to be commercialized

    Techno-economic: For each parking lot sensors suite and electronics would cost approx Rs 7,000,For 50 parking lots it would cost approx Rs 50x7000,Considering a paid parking with Rs 50/ 2 hr parking charges and considering atleast 100 cars getting parked in 1 day

    Technology package: Electronic circuit layout, Layout of sensors, electronics and related hardware for the parking slot, Control algorithm and Android app codes, Bill of Materials and their specifications