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A composition for high strength concrete blocks utilizing Fluoride Rich Sludge and a process for the preparation thereof

Application Number: 201913053662

Filing Date: 24 December 2019

Inventors: Dr. Biswajit Ruj Dr. Swarup Ranjan Debbarma Mr. Arup Saha

Other Inventors: Sankha Chakrabortty


Management of fluoride-rich sludge generated by different fluoride treatment plants is a foremost issue of great concern in India and several developing countries. Due to narrow options for safe disposal of highly concentrated fluoride rejects with a high volume, many fluoride removal plants generally dump the rejects into the open environment which leaves potential risk of recontamination of underground aquifers through natural percolation process. In this invention, fluoride-rich activated alumina (Al2O3) sludge has been used as one of the raw materials for concrete blocks/cubes formation. After an exhaustive fluoride removal study, activated alumina based sludge contained 0.84 mg of fluoride per gram of

Patent Type: Filed

Place of Patent: India

Last updated : 9 Aug, 2020