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Waste Water Treatment Technology

Type:  Process
IPR Status:  Patent
Secured In:  India
  • Rapid industrialization and improper management of the wastes generated by the society leads to scarcity of drinking water resources.
  • Approximately 61,754 million litres per day (MLD) effluent water is produced in foremost metropolitans in India.
  • The sewage management facility is only of ~22,963 MLD (approximately 37% of industrial effluents) and the remaining is disposed of untreated (CPCB-2015). 
  • Emphasis will be given to develop a simple, low cost, eco-friendly, waste water treatment technology by using inexpensive and naturally abundant R&D modified materials in the filtration unit which will be easy to handle.
Salient Technical Competing Features: 
  • Chemically modified naturally abundant adsorbents have been used;
  • Flow rate ~ 1000 L/ Hour ( it can be scaled up)
  • Cost Of Treated Water  ~ 5 paisa / L of treated water
  • Dosing Pump, UV & Ozonator act as disinfectants.
  • Back wash followed by rinsing method enhances the adsorbents life time.
  • Layman’s prototype: No trained personnel is required to operate the treatment plant
Environmental Consideration: 


Status of Commercialization:  Under process
Major Raw Materials To Be Utilized :  Chemically modified natural adsorbents
Major Equipments:  FRP vessels, Dosing Pump, UV & Ozonator
Technology Package:  Technical document, drawings & operation manual

Last updated : 29 Feb, 2020