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Reconfigurable Microfactory

Type:  Product
IPR Status:  Others
Secured In:  India

Capable of manufacturing micrometer (~100 - 500μm) scale features such as holes, channels etc. over range of materials. These micro scale patterns have wider applications in sensors, consumer electronics, biomedical devices, etc. where miniaturized products are getting much importance in recent days.

Salient Technical Competing Features: 

This Micro factory has been designed to perform three operations: μ-milling, μ-turning, and μ-EDM. The test bed consists of four workstations; each workstation is built-in with 3-axis translation features. The z-axis is used for feeding tool/energy sources. In order to minimize the ramp-up-time for reconfiguration of this micro factory for different part families, these translation stages have been mounted on semi-kinematics links. The feature based
methodology for process sequencing and operation clustering has been developed in-house to design appropriate reconfiguration planes to use micro factory for different product mix. The key aspects of this new development include design modularity, multioperational capabilities and desktop micro manufacturing system with 600mm x600 mm footprint.

Environmental Consideration: 

This is ultra precision micro machine comprises several electromechanical systems which functions in a clean environment.

Techno Economic:  Available on enquiry basis.
Level/Scale of Development:  Lab scale first generation prototype has been demonstrated.

Last updated : 4 Oct, 2019