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Micro Fuel Cell

Type:  Product
IPR Status:  Patent
Secured In:  India

The stand alone novel rechargeable micro fuel cell which can work for prolonged duration to meet the energy demands of low power electronics. The innovative solution can address the energy demand of every person on this planet.

Developed by CSIR-CMERI, MICRO FUEL CELL (1.5 V, 1000 mAh), can be made in the size of AA and AAA for applications where batteries are being used. Micro fuel cell is a power source for electronic devices that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. The scaled down fuel cells can be developed for use in electronic devices such as digital cameras, radios, toys and other low power applications. The developed micro fuel cell can generate 1.5 V, 1000 mAh per cell which can be stacked upon to extract more energy (~ 1W). The developed liquid based fuel cell can undergo in-situ charging-discharging process like batteries, eliminates the complexities associated with previous micro fuel cells and can contribute in the development of affordable and novel rechargeable batteries. The novel and cost effective rechargeable fuel cell can contribute significantly in the growing energy market of low power electronics.

Salient Technical Competing Features: 

Technical specifications

  • Generated voltage: 1.2-1.5 V
  • Power per cell:  300 mW
  • Current output:  200 mA
  • Size: AA and AAA
  • Weight: 15 gms
  • Cycle life: Upto 200


  • Hand held
  • Rechargeable and re-usable
  • Distruptive
  • Solution for battery waste
  • management
Status of Commercialization:  Technology has been licensed to M/s Victor Industries Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Techno Economic:  Available on enquiry basis
Content Details: 

713209, WB
Phone: (M) 9434778128
Email: bdg[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in

Level/Scale of Development:  Commercially manufactured

Last updated : 4 Oct, 2019