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IoT based Smart Parking Slot Identification System

Type:  Process
IPR Status:  Copyright
Secured In:  India

Parking slot identification using a mobile application for smart cities.

Salient Technical Competing Features: 
  • Modular, Scalable and Low False Alarm Rate
  • Easy to lay-out in large scale open / covered parking space
  • Near real-time updation of parking space availability on a PDA
  • Deploy ready in an existing parking space
Environmental Consideration: 
  • Smart parking reduces car emissions in urban ambience
  • Reduces need for people to needlessly circle for parking space
  • Permits cities to carefully manage their parking supply
Status of Commercialization:  Technology has been transferred to one MSME client.
Major Raw Materials To Be Utilized :  Sensors, electronics, PCBs, routers, switches, Microcontrollers
Techno Economic:  Available on Enquiry Basis. Manufacturing cost : Rs. 1.0 Lakh (for10 slots) Return of Investment : Less than one year
Level/Scale of Development:  System has been developed for 25 such parking slots and is operational since one year in CSIR-CMERI residential campus

Last updated : 13 Dec, 2021