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Improved Iron Removal Plant

Type:  Product
IPR Status:  Patent
Secured In:  India

Improved iron removal plant (IIRP) accommodates a force & lift type arrangement fitted with the existing India Mark-II hand pump, number of holes around the aeration chamber, pre-settling chamber, settling chamber and a outlet tap to collect the safe iron free drinking water.

Advanced iron removal process from ground water

Salient Technical Competing Features: 

Naturally available sand and gravels used for removal

No electric power requirement- Implementable in remote villages

Useful to community service: a small village may cover for drinking purpose only

Attachable to the existing Mark-II hand pump

Simple in design-Operation and Maintenance

Instant iron free water

Cost effective

Environmental Consideration: 

Free from Environmental hazard

Status of Commercialization:  The Technology has been transferred to 10 Indian Industries in non-exclusive basis
Major Raw Materials To Be Utilized :  Naturally available sand and gravels used for removal
Techno Economic:  Available on enquiry basis. Cost of water: 03 paisa/L
Technology Package:  Design drawings (Working prototype is with CMERI)
Level/Scale of Development:  Ready for licensing

Last updated : 3 Nov, 2019