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Biomass Briquetting Technology

Type:  Design
IPR Status:  Copyright
Secured In:  India

It can be used for the production of biomass briquettes from dry leaves, waste wood and sludge of bio-digester or cow-dung as binder. Compacting biomass waste into briquettes can reduce the volume of biomass upto 70%.

  • Capacity: 80-100 kg/hr (wet condition)
  • Input material: Mixture of agro waste with maximum size 8 mm.
  • Binder Material: Biogas sludge/cow dung/paper pulp etc.
  • Augar Shaft: Dia.50 mm.
  • Finished Briquette Dia. 50-60 mm. (±20%)
  • MOC: Mild steel (IS:2062)
Salient Technical Competing Features: 


  1. Diversified feedstock can be used.
  2. Simple and user friendly design.
  3. Small, compact and portable machine
  4. Variable size and shape of output product
Status of Commercialization:  Technology has been transferred to one MSME client M/s Siya Instruments, Udaipur, Rajasthan in March, 2022
Major Raw Materials To Be Utilized :  Dry Leaves, Paddy Straw, Dead Braches, Dry Grass etc.
Techno Economic:  Available on Enquiry Basis. Manufacturing cost: Rs. 0.8 Lakh (approx.). Return of Investment : Less than three year
Technology Package:  Complete Manufacturing Drawings & Technology Knowhow with Operation Manual, List of Bought Out Materials with Sources
Level/Scale of Development:  Installed in CMERI Residential Campus which is operational.

Last updated : 4 Mar, 2022