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Vision based expert system for Vacuum Picking of Cotton

To develop a generic algorithm for image processing of cotton ball in order to develop a computerized vision based picking system.

To develop vision based lab demonstrable picking system using suction

Project Number:
GAP026712, P9
Project Type:
Project Date:
16/10/2012 to 31/03/2018
Cost of the Project:
Rs. 66.77 Lakhs
Sponsoring Agency:

Use of advanced techniques like artificial intelligence, image processing, and vision based systems in automation is no longer strictly limited to industrial environments.

The primary goal of the proposal aims in the development of a lab demonstrable electromechanical suction picker with one or few nozzle and camera for mechanizing cotton picking. Such an electro-mechanical system, which will perform picking, directed by a dedicated image processing algorithm, helps in automating labour intensive cotton picking. A vision based expert system will be able to control the mechanism of the picking envisaging more suitable approaches for optimum and economic harvesting.  This concept will be demonstrated at Lab level followed by limited field testing. And it will pave a way towards development of a full scale prototype.

Name of PI: Dr. Pradeep Rajan

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