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Design and development of a Cotton Picking Head

Design & development of a prototype of One-row Cotton picking head

Project Number:
GAP026712, P7
Project Type:
Project Date:
20/11/2009 to 31/12/2017
Cost of the Project:
Rs. 144.66 Lakhs
Sponsoring Agency:

Cotton is an important cash crop of India. It sustains the country’s cotton textile industry. Despite having largest area under cotton in the world, India ranks third in the world output of cotton due to its abysmally low average yield. The problem is also compounded by higher production costs and poor quality in terms of varietal purity and trash content. Mechanization of cotton harvesting is considered to be of vital importance due to impending scarcity of labor. Barring a few instances in the past, this area of research and development did not receive adequate attention in India.

Name of PI: Mr. Ajay Yadav

Last updated : 13 Dec, 2017