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Business Project

Research in Human Centered Robotics with Special Emphasis on Field and Bio-Medical Rehabilitation

Objectives of the collaborative project between Korea University and CSIR-CMERI of India within the proposed joint network centre are to carry out R&D in conceiving new mechanisms with improved maneuverability and performance by introducing controllable compliance for endoscopy devices and other related applications involving physical interactions, in order to achieve enhanced behaviors and capabilities toward next generation devices and thereby generating knowledge and trained manpower in the field of medical robotics through exchange programmes.

Bathymetric and Hydrographic survey over 20km stretch of river Rupnarayan, at Purba Medinipur Dist.

To map the river bed profile for 20 km stretch and determining Width of water flow, Maximum depth of water, Mean depth of water, Area of water flow, Mean velocity of water, Average Discharge of water, Salinity, Temperature, Turbidity at four sections for continuous four days per season for three different seasons.