Environmental Engineering Group

Scientists in Environmental Engineering Group are involved in R&D activity in the field of removal of contaminants like iron, fluoride, arsenic from groundwater, arsenic sludge disposal, waste disposal (plastic, tyre, etc.) through pyrolysis, catalytic pyrolysis etc. We have developed different types of plant/filter for removal of water bound contaminants and implemented at the different villages.

Section Activities: 

Research & Development in the following areas:-

  • Water purification
  • Sludge disposal
  • Plasticwaste disposal & energy recovery
  • Pyrolysis
Projects List:  Generation of Syngas through Plasma gasification of Plastic waste Appropriate Technological Intervention for Rural Life Quality Improvement through Installation of Improved Iron Removal Plant in Bankura dist. of West Bengal Development of Domestic Iron Removal Filter Process Development for Removal of Iron from Groundwater Thermal Treatment of Plastic Waste for Recovery of Fuel Oil and Gas Stabilization of Arsenic-Iron Contaminated Water Treatment Plant Sludge through Microwave treatment Development of process for removal of fluoride from groundwater by using naturally available/low cost materials Thermal Treatment & Solidification of Arsenic & Iron Sludge generated from Aresnic & Iron Removal Plants - their safe disposal & value added products Capture and conversion of CO2 to methanol through photocatalyst and solar-driven membrane system Deployment of Community Level Water Purification Plants for Removal of Iron from Groundwater in Iron Affected Rural/Tribal Villages for Supply of Safe Drinking Water Safe disposal of fluoride rich sludge through encapsulation in cement stabilized blocks using the low cost geomaterials Installation of community level iron removal plant at Steel Manufacturing Industry Development of domestic iron filter for market seeding to various Govt./NGO/Pvt. Agencies Hydrographic survey across river Bhagirathii at Kuthipara near KehjurtalaGhat under MouzaBalia to determine average discharge of water to establish water supply scheme Development of nano-flash powders for pollution less environment friendly sparklers Development of Community Level Arsenic Removal plant Bathymetric and Hydrographic survey over 20km stretch of river Rupnarayan, at Purba Medinipur Dist. Facility:  pH, Conductivity and Turbidity Testing Meters Table- top ion meters for fluoride, cyanide, ammonia and chloride testing Spectrophotometer Flame Photometer Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (Graphite Furnace & Hydride generator) Bacteriological Testing Facility Centrifuge Gas Chromatograph Pyro-Gas Chromatograph Pyrolyzer coupled with tube furnace Vibration Table Compressive Strength Measurement Machine Collaboration:  Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) National Research Council, (CNR) Banner Images:  Division Head E-mail:  rr_sahoo@cmeri.res.in Research Area:  Energy & Environment Service List:  Water Quality Parameter Testing & Charges Achievement: 
  • Developed community level arsenic removal Plant
  • Developed domestic arsenic & iron filter
  • Bagged CSIR Technology Award-2017 (Innovation Category) for development of community level iron removal plant and their implementation in rural areas for supply of safe drinking water. Received the Award from the President of India in New Delhi
  • Created Water/Wastewater Testing Facility
  • Developed community level Improved Iron Removal Plant (capacity ~800 L/hr.) for supply of iron free water to the rural people
  • Developed plasticwaste disposal reactor along with the fuel oil & gas recovery (15 kg. batch type reactor)
  • Developed process for safe disposal of arsenic sludge generated from arsenic removal plant
  • Developed domestic Iron removal filter
  • Developed Process for Disposal of Fluoride Sludge
  • Received Laboratory Recognition from West Bengal Pollution Control Board in the field of Water Testing
Division Head:  RASHMI SAHOO (1362) Scientist:  Swarup Debbarma (1082) Asit Batabyal (1341) Ekta Chaturvedi (1545) Kulbhushan Samal (1550) Biswajit Ruj (279) Technical Staff:  Arup Saha (1433) Aparajita Nath (1507) Admin Staff:  Jhuma Dutta (1011) Others:  Project Staff/Research Scholar Department Image:  Belongs To:  Director Department category:  R & D Groups