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A sorting unit for a fruit sorting and grading machine

Patent Number: 291245

Application Number: 1639/DEL/2007

Filing Date: 2 August 2007

Issue Date: 29 December 2017

Inventors: Dr. Anjali Chatterjee Dr. Partha Bhattacharjee


The sorting unit for a fruit sorting and grading machine, comprises a single line slotted conveyer belt, flapper unit and a driver cum logic controller for flapper movement, where the speed of both i.e. the apple moving on the conveyor and the movement of the flapper are synchronized with the help of the feedback from an optical sensor, for sensing the arrival of apple and notifying it to image processing system, proximity sensor, for accurate angular positioning of the flapper and handshaking circuitry to get the grading signal from the PC to the controller such that the graded apple falls in the predetermined bib or if the apple does not belong to that grade it passes over the flapper and falls into the next dropping station.

IPC Classifications: E02F 3/76

Patent Type: Granted

Place of Patent: India

Last updated : 11 Apr, 2019