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A Prepaid Smart Card Operated Electronics Energy Meter With Online Load Optimizer For Solar Power Application

Patent Number: 200903660

Application Number: ZA200903660

Filing Date: 27 May 2009

Issue Date: 31 March 2010

Inventors: Dr. Joydeb Roychowdhury


The prepaid smart card operated electronic energy meter with online load optimizer for solar power application, comprises in combination a step down transformer, a power measuring & recording module with embedded processor capable of computing and sending signals to respective output interface modules, a smart card reader capable of physically linking the said embedded processor and a rechargeable smart card, a display interface module, a load controller relay and alarm indicator. This prepaid smart card operated electronic energy meter enables prepayment of electricity through prepaid memory card including online intelligent load monitoring and cut off feature through resident software, which will be most suitable for inefficient solar photovoltaic power plant. Due to interactive software the system can log as well compute the energy and subsequent money for the consumer to pay and display the same through LCD display screen. This makes it more communicative with the user and thus user can access the exact amount of consumption in terms of the currency, which in turn helps to optimize the power consumption.

IPC Classifications: G07F15/003

Patent Type: Granted

Place of Patent: South Africa

Last updated : 11 Apr, 2019