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Last updated : 10 Aug, 2020

Hospital solid waste (HSW) disposal plant utilizing electric arc plasma

Application Number: 201911013247

Filing Date: 2 April 2019

Inventors: Dr. Harish Hirani Dr. Amit Ganguly Dr. Priyabrata Banerjee Mr. Arabinda Sarkar Mr. Partha Das


The improper way of hospital waste management is a major concern worldwide. This invention is an effective process of treating hospital solid waste (HSW) using plasma arc technology. The HSW treatment plant comprises of plasma cracker, wherein plasma electrodes produces arc for mitigating the disposed waste. The produced gas passes through gas cleaning units like catalytic converter, redox reactor, scrubber, condenser etc. Before final exit the residual synthetic natural gas (syn gas) is finally combusted in a secondary chamber and emitted through a chimney. Plasma arc driven HSW plant can give rise to 99% waste volume reduction. The non-leachable solid residue comes out from the reactor is used for constructional purposes. It can completely destroy infectious and hazardous HSW with mostly zero or very low level toxic emission. The plant can be implemented in hospital premises. Moreover, its operational running cost is low compared to the existing HSW treatment technologies.

Patent Type: Filed

Place of Patent: India