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Improvement and deployment of developed defluoridation module for domestic uses- to be placed in Saldaha, Dhabuni, Balia, Kanglapahari, Madhabpur and Asanjola villages of the Birbhum district in West Bengal

Present proposal is focused to carry out the relevant research activities towards studying/improvement of the already developed adsorbents (ferrite impregnated activated alumina) and three stage water filtration module and finally to distribute ~ 50 defluoridation module within the fluoride affected rural areas of Birbhum District, WB, India.

Project Number:
Project Type:
Project Date:
01/07/2016 to 31/03/2017
Cost of the Project:
Sponsoring Agency:

a) Information on water potability along with lifecycle, recyclability, safe disposal of the developed adsorbents.

b) 1st phase deployment of the developed filtration unit.

c) Final phase deployment of the developed filtration unit

PI Members:
Dr. Kalisadhan Mukherjee

Last updated : 13 Dec, 2017