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Hospital Waste Management Facility

Hospital Waste Management Facility   (Other Technologies)

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Since the COVID 19 Virus thrives in the infected hospital wastes, it is of mammoth significance that the Hospital Wastes are treated and processed to decimate any thriving condition for the COVID 19 Virus. Thus, CSIR-CMERI has developed the Hospital Waste Management System, to counter any ill-effect of mass spreading of infection through contaminated Hospital Waste. The system can process Hospital waste at the rate of 15 kg/hr using highly sophisticated plasma assisted Arc driven technology inside an Oxygen starved closed chamber. It can help in complete destruction of all pathogens. Hospital Solid waste disposal plant comprises with a compact system where a waste feeding unit, a plasma cracker system with specially mounted plasma electrodes working as an arc generating system and a specific array purification system is used to minimize the toxin emission level. The emission levels of the HSW system are well within the Central Pollution Control Board emission norms. The Hospital Waste Management System has also a High Waste Destruction Efficiency of 90-95%. 


Last updated : 30 Apr, 2020