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Hospital Assistive Robot

Hospital Care Assistive Robotic Device (HCARD)  (Other Technologies

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The CSIR-CMERI has developed Hospital Care Assistive Robotic Device (HCARD). This Robot has Video Conferencing Facilities, Delivery System for providing medicines to the patients, Collecting Samples from the Patient or providing food to the patient. This device works both in Autonomous Mode as well as Manual Mode of Navigation. The HCARD assists in solving the distance between the Health Professionals and the Patients. The device is controlled and monitored by a Nursing Booth with a Control Station which has the following features:

  • Navigation

  • Drawer Activation to provide medicines and food to the patients and collect samples from the patient

  • Audio Visual Communication


The Hospital Care Assistive Robotic Device will be very effective for Frontline Healthcare Officials dealing with COVID 19 patients in delivering services while maintaining mandatory Social Distancing. 


Uniqueness of the Device:

  • Navigation through either Autonomous Track-Follow Mode or Through IR Blaster Operated Remote Mechanism

  • UV-C disinfection in all the 6 drawers

  • It Breaks direct contact between health workers and patients in case of highly contagious diseases

  • 24x7 Operability

  • Bi-Directional Audio and Video Communications

  • Can Transport Food Items, Medicines, Medical Testing Equipments, Files, PPE etc. in a comprehensive sterilized environment.

  • Distance/Range for Remote Operation- 0.5 kms

  • Battery Duration: 4 Hours at a stretch

  • Side Pockets: For Carrying Files and Documents

  • Drawers function through Actuators in the Rack and Pinion System

  • Size: 1115x1119x700 mm (HxLxW)


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Last updated : 2 May, 2020