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Intelligent LED UVC Sterilizer Unit

प्रकार:  Product
आईपीआर स्थिति:  Copyright
में सुरक्षित:  India
आवेदन / उपयोग करता है: 

Can be used to sterilize Electronic gadgets (mobile phones, remotes, power banks etc.) and personal use items like masks, keys, watches, wallets, currency notes, spectacles, jewellery etc.

मुख्य तकनीकी सुविधाएँ होड़: 
  • Clean technology based high quality, environment friendly, long life LEDs of short wave length for efficient disinfection with standard UVC dosage with no chemicals, no heat, no ozone involved
  • An intelligent, ultra-portable, safe UVC Led based disinfection technology, designed to sterilize germs.
  • Instant warm-up, low energy consumption, compact form factor, increased life time, more environment friendly with controlled emission wavelength.
  • Remote controlled power on to avoid physical proximity during operation.
  • Time required for UVC exposure: 4 minutes
Status of Commercialization:  Technology has been transferred to one Indian Industry on non-exclusive basis and is under commercialization.
प्रमुख कच्चे माल का उपयोग किया जा करने के लिए:  12V Adapter, Battery, XL 1600 Converter, LED Driver, Switching Circuit, USB Mobile Charger, UVC Leds, Display, Touch sensor, Arduino Board, Limit Switch, UV Sensor, Antenna etc.
Techno Economic:  Available on Enquiry Basis
स्तर / विभाग के कौशल:  Prototype Development has been demonstrated in Lab Scale. The unit has been operated with both remote controlled operation as well as manual touch mode. Microcontroller based operation suggests illumination of the UVC LED lights.
टीआरएल:  TRL 6

आखरी अपडेट : 30 Mar, 2021