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Development of Aluminium alloy feedstock for manufacturing of components by Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process route

Main Objectives : To develop indigenous Al-alloy feedstock for manufacturing of aluminium alloy components by MIM process route.

What was achieved : Formulated Feedstock of Al-alloy, 2.Developed Sintered cylindrical samples of Al-alloy by MIM process route.

Project Number:
OLP121012 (EMP)
Project Type:
Project Date:
21/09/2010 to 30/09/2012
Cost of the Project:
Sponsoring Agency:

Deliverables :

Envisaged Achieved
Preparation of Al-alloy feedstock. Feedstock of Al-alloy which has been developed provides good green strength, good flow properties and it can be produced economically.
Manufacturing of green components from Al-alloy feedstock by Metal Injection Molding process route. Green compacts of cylindrical shape (Dia: 10mm, Height:10 mm ) and sears was manufactured using experimental set-up.
Sintering of debound products. Sintered components of Al-alloy such as cylindrical sample and sear developed by Metal Injection Moulding process route.

What Next? Standardization of the design parameters.

Name of PI: Mrs. Manju Singh
Name of Co PI: Dr. Priyabrata Banerjee

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