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NDT and Metallurgy Group

NDT & Metallurgy Group is actively engaged in following technical services to the industries :


1.  RLA of power and process plant components.

2.  Failure analysis of engineering components.

3.  Quality assurance of engineering components through different NDT methods.


  • NDT & Metallurgy Group carried out various Non-Destructive Testing like Visual, Video Imagescopy, Dye-Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic Testing, In-situ Metallography and Hardness in onsite power plant components for Remaining Life Assessment (RLA) study. Based on the field data, the service suitability and remaining life has been calculated for necessary recommendation of Run/Repair/Maintenance.
  • All the testing as mentioned above has been carried out to predict the probable root causes of the failure and necessary recommendation to avoid similar type of failure in near future.

Division Head

  • Mr. Bhup Narayan SinghM.Sc. (CHEMISTRY)

    Senior Principal Scientist

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    Qualification: M.Sc. (CHEMISTRY)


    Phone: 0343-6510233 / 0343-2605794

    Email: bn_singh[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in


  • Dr. Atanu SahaPh.D. (Engg.), M.Tech.(Met.), B.E.(Met.)

    Principal Scientist

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    Qualification: Ph.D. (Engg.), M.Tech.(Met.), B.E.(Met.)

    Specialisation: Metallurgical Engineering

    Phone: 0343-6452084 / 0343-2600885

    Email: atanu[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in

  • Dr. Debashis GhoshB.E, M Tech, PhD

    Principal Scientist

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    Qualification: B.E, M Tech, PhD

    Specialisation: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

    Phone: 0343-6452083 / 7063574885

    Email: dghosh[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in

  • Dr. Himadri RoyPh.D.

    Senior Scientist

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    Qualification: Ph.D.

    Specialisation: Deformation Behaviour of Materials, NDT, Failure Analysis, RLA

    Phone: 0343-6452085

    Email: h_roy[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in

  • Mr. Man Singh AzadM.Tech

    Junior Scientist

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    Qualification: M.Tech

    Specialisation: Manufacturing

    Phone: +91-343-6452074

    Email: m_azad[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in

Technical Staffs

1. Accredited as “Well Known Remanent Life Assessment Organisation” by Central Boiler Board, Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Govt. of India

2. Technical Services Rendered to various Industries for last 5 years : 50 Nos.

3. The group organize short term training programme on “Boiler Tube Failure & Remedies” as skilled development programme, Govt. of India for different power plant industries.

4. The group also organize Post Graduate Diploma course in Industrial Maintenance Engineering (PGDIME). The course has theoretical as well as practical aspects of Non-Destructive Testing and metallographic analysis in connection with damage assessment of different industrial machines.

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