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Smart Car Parking Slot Identification

Type:  Process
IPR Status:  Others
Secured In:  India

Smart parking helps one of the biggest problems on driving in urban areas finding empty parking spaces. The technology aims in development of a vacant parking slot identification system along with an android based application to facilitate finding an available parking slot in a large parking facility.

Salient Technical Competing Features: 
  • Modular, Scalable with extremely low false alarm rate
  • Easy to lay-out even in large scale open / covered parking space
  • Suitable for Multi-level; widely distributed; large parking facility
  • Web Interface / android based application for Parking Space Availability
  • Near real-time updation of parking space availability on any Personal Digital Assistant
  • Deploy ready in an existing parking space
  • Permits cities to carefully manage their parking supply
Environmental Consideration: 
  • Smart parking reduces car emissions in urban ambience
  • Reduces need for people to needlessly circle for parking space
  • Permits cities to carefully manage their parking supply
Status of Commercialization:  Yet to be commercialized
Major Equipments:  Sensor suite, Embedded Controller boards, Ethernet Shields, Single Board Computer with peripherals, Ethernet router
Techno Economic:  For each parking lot sensors suite and electronics would cost approx Rs 7,000,For 50 parking lots it would cost approx Rs 50x7000,Considering a paid parking with Rs 50/ 2 hr parking charges and considering atleast 100 cars getting parked in 1 day
Technology Package:  Electronic circuit layout, Layout of sensors, electronics and related hardware for the parking slot, Control algorithm and Android app codes, Bill of Materials and their specifications
Content Details: 

Also it would

  • Save emission from cars
  • Save time to search an available parking space
  • Facilitates streamline parking
Level/Scale of Development:  The technology has been successfully demonstrated for 35 Parking lots widely distributed at CSIR-CMERI office and residential campus

Last updated : 10 Jan, 2019