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Fluidized Bed Dryer for Agro Crops

Type:  Product
IPR Status:  Others
Secured In:  India

For drying in a safe desired level, storage & further processing of different oilseeds such as mustard, sunflower, soybean, groundnut etc and other agro crops, this dryer is used extensively by

  • State Oil & Oilseed Federations, Oilseed Growers Association, Oil Mill and Solvent Extraction plants, - for drying of oilseeds
  • Agencies dealing with storage of seeds, agrocrops, etc., - for drying of Agro crops Food Corporation of India.
  • Drying of other items like tea, coffee, ginger, spices etc.
Salient Technical Competing Features: 
  • Compact plant
  • Short drying time
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Better product quality, uniformity in temperature and moisture content
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Simultaneous cleaning
  • Not much skill required
Status of Commercialization:  Ready for licensing of the technology
Level/Scale of Development:  Ready for licensing of the technology

Last updated : 20 Oct, 2017