Contactless Hand Washer

Type:  Product
IPR Status:  Copyright
Secured In:  India

Touchless/contactless Soap Cum Water Dispenser for safe hand washing

Salient Technical Competing Features: 
  • Touchless Hand Washing following WHO Guidelines.
  • Energy/Water Saver
  • Works on direct Electricity/Battery.
  • Easy Customized Tank capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Hand Washing for 2000 persons in one Soap Refill.
  • Suited for Educational Institutions, Offices, Marriages & large gatherings
Status of Commercialization:  Technology has been transferred to one Indian Industry on non-exclusive basis and is under commercialization
Major Raw Materials To Be Utilized :  Liquid Soap mixed with Water (1:2)
Major Equipments:  Plastic/Steel Container, Sensors, micro submersible pumps, Electronics
Techno Economic:  Available on Enquiry Basis
Level/Scale of Development:  Prototype Development has been completed and tested for 2 months