Energy Research and Technology Group

Scientists in Energy Research & Technology Group are involved in R&D activity in the field of Fluidized Bed Technology,Gasification/Combustion/Pyrolysis, Clean Coal Technology, Biomass Energy, and Plasma Gasification of Solid Waste. We have developed different types of gasifiers for versatile applications. 

We have also expertise in developing machinery for post-harvestprocessing of ginger/turmeric etc.

We also provide service like Calibration of Thermal and Fluid Flow Measuring Instruments.


Section Activities: 

Research & Development in the following areas:-

  • Fluidized Bed Gasification of Indian Coal for Clean Energy Generation
  • Biomass Gasification
  • Bio-methanization
  • Plasma Gasification
  • Post-Harvest Processing
Projects List:  International Collaboration on Computational Modelling of Fluidized Bed Systems for Clean Energy Technologies (iComFluid) Development of post harvest processing technology to enhance the farmers’ economy in Arunachal Pradesh Effect of Free Stream Turbulence (FST) on Flow past a Circular Cylinder: An Experimental Investigation Establishment of wind tunnel facility for fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer R & D study. A Study on Formation and Evolution of Synthetic Jet using Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry Numerical Simulation of Blast Wave within an Open Ended Shock Tube and Its Interaction with Generic Objects for Pressure Ratios from 3 to 30 Collaboration:  Cranfield University University Catholique De Louvain Loughborough University IIT Guwahati IIT Kanpur Division Head E-mail: Research Area:  Energy & Environment Service List:  Temperature Indicator (Optical Type) Temperature Calibrator / Gauge with Probe Resistance Thermometer Resistance Temperature Detector Thermometer (Hg in glass / steel) Thermocouple / Temp. Gauge Thermocouple Calibrator Velometer Pyrometer Infra Red Radiation Digital Thermometer (Indicator + Probe) Division Head:  Amit Ganguly (1036) Scientist:  Malay Karmarkar (1098) Kalyan Mistry (1180) Pradyumna Sahu (1224) Chanchal Loha (1286) Partha Pal (1463) Partha Das (1468) Subho Samanta (1470) Ishita Sarkar (1512) Imran Shekh (1522) Shrikant Deshmukh (1524) Technical Staff:  Jnanendra Maji (1043) Vinay Tigga (1218) Jiten Mandal (1329) Bimal Hansda (1336) Biswajit Chakraborty (1374) Tapas Naskar (1406) Imtiaz Alam (1430) Musraph Hussain (1436) Others:  Project Staff/Research Scholar Belongs To:  Director Department category:  R & D Groups