Centre of Excellance for Farm Machinery

The Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) is the apex R&D institute for mechanical engineering under the aegis of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Being the only national level research institute in this field, CMERI's mandate is to serve industry and develop mechanical engineering technology so that India's dependence on foreign collaboration is substantially reduced in strategic and economy sectors. Besides, the institute is facilitating innovations and inventions for establishing the claims of Indian talent in international fields where Indian products shall ultimately compete. In the new millennium, CMERI is poised to expand its horizon of research activities so as to steer the country forward in cutting-edge and sunrise fields.

In view of the large size of the country and innumerable industrial establishments needing such solutions, the task was considered beyond the capacity of single research unit. This led to the conception of the Centre of Excellance for Farm Machinery​ (CoEFM), erstwhile name MERADO, as a rigional center concentrating on problems related to the development needs of the small and medium scale industries.


CSIR-CMERI Centre of Excellance for Farm Machinery (CoEFM)
Opp. GNE College, Gill Road, Ludhiana-141 006 (PUNJAB)
Phone: 0161-2504917
Fax: 0161-2504917
E-mail: merado@cmeri.res.in

Projects List:  Production of Briquettes from agricultural residues, its process optimization and quality analysis Pneumatic Precision Planter for Vegetables Crops Electrostatic Nozzle for Agricultural Applications Inter-row Rotary Cultivator for Wide-row Crops Rotavator: refinement and further development Design and development of an Offset Rotavator for Orchards Irrigation Scheduler - Programmable System Design and development of a Cotton Picking Head Vision based expert system for Vacuum Picking of Cotton Design and Development of Semi Continuous Type Biodiesel Plant for Rural Sector Generation of Biogas from Biomethanation of Deoiled Cake of Jatropha Seeds Infrastructural Facilitation of Biodiesel Testing Laboratory Development of 100 % Biofuelled Tractor Technological support to Micro Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSME) Auto cluster, Faridabad Technological support to Micro Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSME) bamboo cluster, Agartala Design and Development of Roof Top Biogas Plant on Solid State Fermentation using Kitchen Waste Design and Development of 25m3/ day Biogas Plant at Ramakrishna Mission, Sargachi, West Bengal Production of Biodiesel from Tung Seed in North-East India (Phase-I) Banner Images:  CoEFM, Ludhiana Division Head E-mail:  somenath@cmeri.res.in Research Area:  Agricultural Machinery Engineering Design & Analysis Division Head:  Somenath Mukherjee (1340) Scientist:  Dilip Biswas (1033) Bashamber Bansal (11008) Ashwani Kushwaha (11082) Pradeep Rajan (11103) Krishnendu Kundu (11104) Jagdish Rao (11110) Vibin V (11115) Sourav Mondal (11117) Gurlovleen Phull (11120) Brij Kishore (11153) Rudra Chatterjee (1287) Priyabrata Chattopadhyay (1348) Hanumath Ikkurti (1349) Surendra Kumar (1368) Dilpreet Singh (1510) Chanchal Gupta (1548) Rajen Kundu (2120037) Technical Staff:  Jagroop Mungra (11042) Kiran Lekhi (11058) Jai Ram (11059) Inderjeet Singh (11081) Prabhu Sharma (11091) Manoj Verma (11092) Kamaljit Pannu (11108) Bharat Saini (11111) Mohan Manna (11137) Indrajit Chatterjee (11138) Amit Chatterjee (11139) Sandeep Singh (11140) Jay Yadav (11149) Videsh Ramteke (11150) Vishal . (11151) Hafijullah Ansari (11152) Sumit Guha (1296) Nilaksha Swarnkar (1299) Arijit Chowdhury (1435) Non Technical Staff:  Nathu Ram (11079) Subhash Yadav (11086) Chandan Mandal (11145) Admin Staff:  Kuldeep Kaur (11026) Shyam Lal (11099) Salahuddin Ansari (11121) Nitish Paswan (11122) Belongs To:  Director Department category:  R & D Groups