Design is a creative activity to transform ideas into reality. With the advent of softwares for creation of CAD Solid Models , the visualization of ideas has become possible in the design stage itself and such Solid Models can also be converted to 2D drawings which in turn reduces the product development cycle time.

There are different software available at CMERI, for CAD Solid Model creation which comprise I-DEAS, UG, Pro-Engineering, CATIA and so on.

Solid Models also help in checking assemblies and interferences, mass properties calculations, mechanism analysis, tolerance analysis and strength analysis.

Subsequently with development of the Rapid Prototyping machines, the Solid Models can be directly used for development of physical models, without necessitating any process planning.

With the development of Tool Path Generation software, Solid Models can also be used directly to generate the Tool Paths for machining of moulds, dies etc.

Solid Model of a Globoidal Cam

Solid Model of Tractor
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