Spin Casting: -
  • Zamak Components
  • Plastic Components
  • Intricate Profiles
  • ONE DAY Lead Time

Investment Casting

Sand & Shell Moulding
  • Precision Castings
  • Replication Accuracy
  • Intricate Profiles
  • Net Shaped Components
  • Minimum Machining
  • Tooling Development

Spin Casting & Investment Casting

For the specific purpose of manufacturing high-grade castings and precision near net-shape component castings for product development, CMERI has installed modern foundry facilities with computerised methoding facilities to meet strict product delivery deadlines. The Rapid Prototyping System has been usefully integrated with downstream processes and now RP models can quickly be converted into functional components of metal or plastic. Spin Casting and Investment Casting are significant facilities available with foundry to produce net-shape and near-net-shape functional components in the desired ferrous and non-ferrous metal specifications. Spin Casting is used for producing metal components in Zamak, Plastic, Wax and other low temperature melting alloys. Investment Casting using lost wax process is used for making precision castings to produce near-net-shape components. Investment Casting is ideally suited for producing intricate and precise components of small batch size.

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