Facilites from Metrology Department

Co-ordinate Measuring Machine F 1006Measuring Range :
Resolution : 1m
Accuracy : 034L/1000m
Measurement of linear dimensions, point locations and hole-centres contour on single or multiple planes externally or internally. CMM upgraded from Micropak 210 to Geopak (3) and Scanpak (3) software integrated to compute contour and profiles.
CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine Model SpectraMeasuring Range :
Resolution : .1m
Repeatability(CNC) : 2m
Volumetric Accuracy : 0.004+L/300<6m
CNC Control offers both standard probing and continuous scanning. VDMIS Software platform for geometric,surface measurement and CAD comparisons. Reverse engineering applications. Non-Contact measurements on Laser.
ML10 Gold Standard Laser
Make : Renishew,UK
Laser Source : Helium-Neon Laser Tube-Class2
Linear Measurement
Accuracy : .7ppm
Resolution : .001m
Range : 0-40m
For accurate measurement of Linear, Angular, Rotary, Flatness, Squareness, Straightness including machine tools slides. Automatic environment compensation, data capture and analysis with Laser10 Software.
Laser Align Meter
Make : MELLES GRIOT, Neitherlands.
Usable Beam Size Range : 50m<diameter<8mm
Position Resolution : Better than 1m
Position Accuracy : 50m
Angular Measurement Range : 80mrad in standard configuration
Angle Resolution : .01mrad in standard configuration
Angle Accuracy : .5mrad in standard configuration
Simultaneous measurements of Position and Angular Displacements. Micron level alignment of Precision and Intricate components in assembly
Internal Diameter Measuring Machine Measuring Range : - 6.35mm-150mm to a maximum depth of 50mm
Resolution : 0.2m
Accuracy : 1m
Measurement of :
  1. Internal Plain Diameters (parallel)
  2. Internal screw thread diameters (parallel)
  3. Internal plain diameters (taper)
  4. Internal screw thread diameters (taper)having threads square to the axis.
Perthometer (S6R)Magnificance :
Horizontal : 1000X
Vertical : 10000X
Resolution : 0.1m
Measurement of surface roughness on components like spindles, bearings, gauges, etc. and characterization through statistical technique with strip profile recording.
Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring MachineMeasuring Range:
0 - 100mm
Accuracy : 1m
Measurement of :
  1. External plain diameters (parallel)
  2. External screw threads (parallel)
  3. External screw threads (taper)
  4. having threads square to the axis.
Universal Profile ProjectorMagnifications : 10X, 25X & 50X
Capacity :
Linear : 0 - 25 mm
Angular : 0 - 3600
Resolution :
Linear : 0.001mm
Angular : 1 min of arc
Inspection of profiles, templates, precision measurement of length and angle.
Universal Measuring MachineMeasuring Range :-
X = 400mm
Y = 100mm
Resolution : 0.5m
Measurement of linear dimensions, point locations and hole centres externally and internally.
Dead Weight Pressure Gauge TesterCapacity : Maximum 50000psi in steps of 5 psiCalibration of Pressure Gauges and Load Measuring Gauges.
Electro Limit Comparator (Talymin Gauge series 2)Capacity : 0 - 170mm
Resolution: 0.2m 0.5m
Inspection of tools and gauges.
OMT Vertical OmtimeterCapacity : 0 - 250mm
Range : 0.120mm
Resolution : 1m
Measurement of length, thickness, diameter, standard end cylindrical gauges and precision steel balls.
Vacuum Gauge TesterCapacity : 0 - 76cm Hg.
Graduation : 1cm Hg of scale
Calibration of Vacuum Gauges up to 70cm of Hg.
Taper Diameter Measuring MachineCapacity : 0 - 100mm
Length : 0 - 330mm
Resolution : 0.2m
Inspection of external taper.
Slip Gauge Calibrator826ECapacity : 0-170mm
Accuracy: 0.01m
Calibration of Slip Gauges.
Numerical Precision BalanceCapacity : 100gm
Accuracy: 0.1mg
Calibration of precision masses.
Common Balance Class BCapacity : 10kg
Accuracy : 1mg
Calibration of precision masses.
Roundness Measuring Machine (Talyrond Model 2)Capacity :
External & internal diameters : 350mmb.
Maximum height : 700mmc.
Resolution : 0.2md.
Magnification : 1000X
Measurement of: a.Errors of roundness b.Concentricity c.Squareness d.Flatnesse Parallelism
Vertical MeteroscopeCapacity : 0-200mm
Resolution: 1m
Measurement of external dimensions of work pieces with flat parallel gauging surfaces, cylindrical work pieces, balls or work pieces with spherical gauging surface.
Millionth ComparatorSuitable for comparing Slip Gauges up to 25mm length with a direct scale reading of 0.0001mmCalibration of Slip Gauges.
Level Comparator (Wall Type)Capacity : 0 - 1000mm
Accuracy : 0.2m
Calibration of Length Bars.
Auto CollimatorMeasuring range up to 10m
Resolution : 0.2 sec. of arcAccuracy: 1 sec. of arc
Measurement of straightness, flatness, squareness of machine tables, cast iron and granite surface plates / tables.
Microoptic Angle DekkorMaximum working distance : 12m
Accuracy : 6 sec. of arcResolution: 0.5 sec. of arc
Any angle can be measured by comparison with a standard angle or any change of angle can be observed instantly and accurately.
Optical Dividing HeadDiameters up to 200mm
Resolution : 30 sec. of arc
Measurement of index plates, spline shafts, keyways, angular measurements of parts having centres at both ends and throw of cam shafts.

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