The Metrology Laboratory of CMERI is a leading laboratory recognised by the Bureau of Indian Standards for carrying out testing and calibration work. CMERI has traceability to national standards of the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi - the custodian of measurement standards. A high echelon of indivisual professional competance, long familiarity with the ground rules of precision measurement and an atmosphere of stringent procedural adherence adds excellence to the service provided by CMERI in the field of dimensional metrology that guarantees the customer not only perfect services, but also value addition.

CMERI has in place a strong quality assurance system as per ISO-9001. To further strengthen the commitment to quality and International Recognition through MRA/NABL-APLAC-ILAC , CMERI's Metrology Group has acquired NABL accreditation in dimension , mass ,density and volume .

CMERI offers these metrological services to the industry in the form of its Metropack Package , which ensures timely and cost effective solutions to industries, at the same time assuring to the industries the benefits of the long standing experience of CMERI in this field.

Importance of Metrology
Application in areas like Automation, Robotics, Space, Satellite Communication, Precision Medical Applications are of paramount importance.
Metrological accuracy is an essential requirement for any quality series
In addition, all testing and calibration activities need to be documented so as to provide documentary evidence of satisfactory operation of all testing and Calibration equipment


Dr. Ranjan Sen
Scientist & Head, Metrology, CMERI
Phone :(Extn)290/294.
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Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
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