Technical and Other services by HPE

The Heat Power Engineering is a major R& D group with wide experience in the broad field of Thermal and Fluid Engineering.
This group has NABL accreditation for Testing and Standardization / Calibration Work which includes

Temperature Measuring Instruments,
Fluid (Air/Gas, Liquid) Flow Measuring Instruments


The thermal measurement lab has the facility to calibrate all sources of thermal measurement of instruments and has repetitive traceability.
The following equipments are being used for the thermal calibration:

i. Thermocouple calibrator
ii. Multifunction calibrator
> iii. Temperature calibrator

Fluid Flow

The following facilities are available for analyzing the flow parameters in Fluid Flow Test Set-up:

i. Gas flow test facility
> ii. Water flow test facility

These facilities are useful to measure parameters like flow rate, differential pressure etc and are provided with on line Data Acquisition System.

Metrology Mechanical testing
Material testing Metallurgical testing
Non-destructive testing Chemical testing
Pressure vessel testing Electronics and electrical measurements

Gas Flow Test Set Up

Wind Tunnel Facility

Thermo-bath Facility

Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India