An Introduction to Condition Monitoring

Today's industrial policy and globalization has made industrial environment very competitive. Hence down-time for maintenance is of great importance. Substantial savings in energy and production cost can be achieved by applying CONDITION MONITORING in industry.

Plant machineries are invaluable assets and are designed to operate under extremely harsh condition, where a failure may be catastrophic, both in safety and economic aspects.
Two options may be considered in operating plant and machinery.

1. Condition based maintenance : Failures anticipated and monitored continuously.
2. Breakdown maintenance : Machine will run until it needs attention and then stripped down.
Both techniques have their applications.
Condition Monitoring plays a vital role in providing higher availability of plant machinery by detecting problems before they result in a major machine malfunction breakdown.
Condition Monitoring Group of CMERI has provided technical services for more than 30 years to various power plant/ process plant/ mining industries in the field of vibration based Condition Monitoring and successfully solved various critical problems. Our team is comprised of highly experienced engineers, most having 20+ years of industrial experience. We are providing services to the power generation, petrochemical, mining industries and steel industries. From machine troubleshooting, to vibration analysis, rotor balancing & predictive maintenance. We can provide you with the right solutions for your rotating equipment in a safe, timely, and cost effective manner. 

Benefits of
Condition Monitoring
Vibration Problem identification of rotating machines
Exploring the cause of repetitive failure of machines
Ensuring the safety of the equipment against Vibration & Shock
Dynamic balancing of Rotors and rotating components
Measurement of Natural frequency in static condition
Less downtime & more productivity
Reduced inventory for spares
Enhancing the machine endurance limit
Greater safety to work force


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Scientist & Head,
Condition Monitoring Group
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