The novelty of this Tractor developed by CMERI (ranging between 35 - 60 hp) lies in deep cultivation capacity, efficient soil gripping, increased carrying capacity while climbing, maintaining very good speed while running in roads, economy in fuel consumption and above all minimum maintenance cost.

With continuous demand of tractors for farm mechanization, CMERI developed design know-how of 35 hp Tractor and released the know-how to M/s International Tractors Limited, Hoshiarpur for commercialization as Sonalika Tractor. The tractor is suitable for medium and large holdings.

Novelty and Usefulness :

It incorporates a new finger-tip single lever automatic draft-cum-position control hydraulic system for better working with mounted implements. Good manoeuvrability and ease of operation.

Major machinery, equipment and raw materials required for manufacture are all indigenously available.

The standard PTO can also be used for operating threshers, pumps and other suitable attachments.

Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India