Sl. Title of  Other Institute Projects with No.
1 Development and Commercialization of NXR-4D: A lithium-Ion battery powered 4-door next generation Electric Car (4-Seater Capacity).
Project No: NMITLI 097912
2 Lithium-Oxygen Battery Test Facility and studies on Air Breathing Electrode: An Initiative.
Project No: OLP097612
3 Preliminary Investigation on Dip Pen Nanolithography.
Project No: OLP182412
4 Design and Synthesis of Light-emitting Rhenium (I) Metallacycles for Biological Imaging Studies and Photon Upconversion Materials.
Project No: OLP182912
5 Enhancement of characterization facility of Central Research Facility (CRF) to augment research activities at CSIR-CMERI.
Project No: OLP121412
6 A study on Formation and Evolution of Synthetic jet using Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry.
Project No: OLP201912
7 Facility Up-gradation for Better Support of Activities in Electronics & Instrumentation Laboratory.
Project No: OLP161512
8 Facility creation for metrology by procuring profile projector.
Project No: OLP041312
9 Automation & Associated Augmentation of Aircraft Valve Test Rig for continuing Research on Aircraft valve Design & Development.
Project No: OLP098512
10 Capability enhancement for Life Assessment and Metallurgical investigative studies.
Project No: OLP141412
11 Upgradation of existing gas sensing measurement facility from static to dynamic flow mode.
Project No: OLP041412
12 Enhancement of capability for melting and casting of high quality ferrous components for engineering applications.
Project No: OLP121812
13 Facility upgradation and maintenance of IT infrastructure related to video conference system, internet getway security and computer network as a part of IT/ICT initiative.
Project No: OLP161612
14 Facility up-gradation for CNC EDM wirecut machine.
Project No: OLP041512
15 Towards a solution of potable water crisis in the fluoride affected rural parts of Birbhum District, West Bengal by adopting adsorption based method of defluoridation.
Project No: RSP083312 /1
16 Improved version of Vertical Solar Power Generator Using Innovative SPV Array Method with Minimum Footprint.
Project No: RSP083312 /2
17 Development of coconut dehusking machine.
Project No: RSP083312 /3
18 Design and Development of Potable Solar Power Irrigation Pump.
Project No: RSP083312 /4
19 Design of e-Dak Kiosk for inter-village communications.
Project No: RSP083312 /5