Sl. Title of Contract R&D (Grant-in-Aid/ Sponsored) Projects with Nos.
1 Synthesis of nano-structured metal oxides and their composite counterpart to investigate their performance as a photo-anode in dye sensitized solar cell.
Project No:GAP004312
2 Synthesis of single layer graphene and its polymer nanocomposites for the fabrication of a high performance flexible electrode.
Project No:GAP004712
3 Microwave Assisted Stabilization of Arsenic-Iron Contaminated Water Treatment Plant Sludge.
Project No: GAP010412
4 Design & Development of Oil Expeller suitable for the Extraction of Oil from Jatropha seeds.
Project No: GAP025012
5 Centre for Precision & Conservation Farming Machinery.
Project No: GAP026712
6 Design, Simulation and Development of High "Q" Radio Frequency (RF) Cavities and Beam Line Systems.
Project No: GAP095812
7 Investigation on geometry and size effects in Micro EDM.
Project No: GAP098112
8 Design & development of Multi-Material Deposition (MMD) System.
Project No:GAP121512
9 Support Vector Machine Based Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element Bearing.
Project No: GAP141212
10 Development of Tele Robotics and Remote Operation Technology for Underground Coal Mines.
Project No: GAP152612
11 Developing Biomimetic Underwater Swimming Robot for Autonomous Surveillance.
Project No: GAP152812
12 Simulation of water droplet mobility in gas flow channels of PEM fuel cell using the lattice Boltzmann method.
Project No: GAP182712
13 Ruthenium (III)-pac complexes catalyzed transformation of Carbon dioxide to value added products. Kinetic and mechanistic studies.
Project No: GAP183012
14 Structural Spectroscopic and catalytic reactivity studies of coordination complexes containing redox noninnocent Ligands.
Project No: GAP183112
15 Feasibility Study of the micro Scanning Grating Interferometer on a three dimensional translational stage of micro - CMM.
Project No: GAP191112
16 Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) /Quantum dot Dye Sensitized Solar Cell.
Project No: GAP201412
17 AGATHA- Advanced Grating for Thin Films Solar Cell.
Project No: GAP201712
18 Thermal treatment of plastic waste for recovery of Fuel Oil & Gas.
Project No: GAP201812
19 Redox non-innocence approach for multielectron small molecule managment using Chromium and Manganese Porphyrinogen coordiination compounds.
Project No: GAP183212
20 Smart Molecules: Responsive Ability Induced Dynamic Structural Changes in Rlexible Metal- Organic Frameworks.
Project No: GAP183312
21 Development and Performance Modeling of Advanced Ceramic Insert for High Speed Machining Application.
Project No: GAP041112
22 Rheo-pressure die casting of Al-Mg2 Si-Si composite.
Project No:GAP121612
23 Designing of Beam stoppers for super FRS in FAIR Project.
Project No: GAP098212
24 Design and Development of Hollow Crankshaft for Automobiles (DNDHCSA).
Project No: GAP027212
25 Manufacturing Process for developing the Automotive Parts using Graphene Based Polymer Nanocomposites.
Project No: GAP041212
26 Design, Development, Integration and Implementation of High Power Wireless Control Interface and Camera for Mobile Robotic System.
Project No: GAP152912
27 Numerical simulation of Blast Wave within a Open Ended Shock Tube and its Interaction with generic objects for pressure ratios from 3 to 30.
Project No: GAP161712
28 Design and development of roof top biogas plant on solid state fermentation using kitchen waste.
Project No: GAP1708
29 Design and Development of Multi-Layered and Vertically Arranged Solar Power Unit to Maximize Solar Energy Harnessing Ability Using Smaller Space.
Project No: GAP202012
30 Biomethanation of food & market waste-optimization of different parameters for enhanced production of biogas and conversion to organic manure for a zero waste system.
Project No: GAP183512
31 Development of Net Shape Alumina Dental Brackets by Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM).
Project No: GAP121912
32 Preliminary Investigation on Water and Organic Dispersion of Graphene-Based Die Lubricants for Hot Forging Application.
Project No: SSP183412
33 Research on a Variable Gear Ratio Actuator suitable for steering application (Design).
Project No: SSP098312
34 Rheo pressure die casting of JIS ADC 12 Aluminium Alloy.
Project No: SSP121712
35 Investigation of degradation of hydraulic oil in hydraulic power steering.
Project No: SSP098412
36 Surface coating of nylon and stainless steel using graphene-based composite materials.
Project No: SSP041612
37 Scientific guidance towards the project of developing an improved petrol car with higher mileage.
Project No: CNP101712