Sl. Title of Network Projects with No. (CSIR-CMERI as participating Lab)
1 Multifunctional electrodes and electrolytes for future technologies (MULTIFUN).
Project No: CSC0101
2 Clean Coal Technology (TapCoal).
Project No:CSC0102
3 Novel Energy Effective Metallic Materials for Automative and General Engineering Application (LWM).
Project No: ESC0101
4 Engineering of Disaster Mitigation and Health Monitoring for Safe and Smart Built Environment (EDMISSIBLE).
Project No: ESC0102
5 Development of Novel CSIR Technologies for Manufacturing Tailored and Patinet-Specific Bioceramic Implants and Biomedical Devices at Affordable Cost (BIOCERAM).
Project No: ESC0103
6 Development of a technology for optimal extraction of locked-up coal from underground mines using artificial pillars (DeCoalArt).
Project No: ESC0105
7 Innovative Technologies for Health Assessment and Damage Mitigation of Strcutures (I-Heal).
Project No: ESC0110
8 Development of underground coal gasification technology in India (CoalGasUrja).
Project No: ESC0302
9 Development of suitable design methodology for extraction of coal at greater depths (>300 m) for Indian geomining conditions (DeepCoal).
Project No: ESC0303
10 Clean Water: Sustainable Options.
Project No: ESC0306
11 CSIR knowledge Gateway Open Source Private Cloud Infrastructure (KNOWGATE).
Project No: ISC0102
12 CSIR-Wide Consortium Access to Online Information Resources (NKRC).
Project No: ISC0402
13 Very High Power Microwave Tubes: Design and Development Capabilities (MTDDC).
Project No: PSC0101
14 Advanced Instrumentation Solutions for Health Care and Agro-based Applications (ASHA).
Project No: PSC0103
15 Development of Advanced Materials for Next-Generation Energy - Efficient Devices (D-NEED).
Project No: PSC0109
16 Measurement Innovation in Science Technology (MIST)
Project No: PSC0111
17 Efficient Silicon photovoltaics with smart electronics and lighting systems – a TAPSUN Project.
Project No: NWP55
18 Innovative solutions for solar energy storage under CSIR- A TAPSUN (Tehcnologies and Products for Solar Energy Utilization through Networks) Project (Solar to Chemical Conversion Systems and Devices).
Project No: NWP56