Process Plant Engineering

The Process Plant Engineering (PPE) group of CMERI, is engaged in the design and development, installation and commissioning of different kinds of process plants. This group has developed a good number of designs and technologies for the industries. The PPE group has also made significant contributions in executing a number of national mission programmes. The PPE Group is also involved in the life assessment of process plants structures.

Design and development of carcass utilisation plant
Design, fabrication and testing of Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) cylinder
Design And Development Of Jute Fibre Strength Tension Meter

Indigenous technology development for Offshore Placer Mining
Design and development of Steel-Based Bullock Cart
Design and development of a plant for making Parchment–like Leather Material from Chrome Shavings

Robotics & Mechatronics Rapid Prototyping & Tooling
Energy & Process Plant FM & PHT
MD & MT Life Enhancement Studies (RLA)


Mr. P. K. Sen
Scientist & Head,
PPE Group,

Area of activities :
1. Fluidized Bed Combustion / Gasification / Drying.
2. Advanced Energy Conversion, Alternate Energy, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen.
3. Performance Evaluation, Testing and Calibration of Fluid & Thermal instruments.

Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India