Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Technology
CMERI possesses a comprehensive CAD tools environment that supports collaborative design through concurrent consideration of trade-offs to satisfy contrary design and manufacturing requirements. This environment allows early insight into the constraints of downstream activities and enables the designer to control the total design process upfront.

With the help of the latest generation of CAD and associated facilities, it is possible to analyse mechanisms, tolerances, interference of the designated parts and components in an assembly and verify the geometric and functional relationship between them. The object-oriented database enables the designer to simplify the design process by modifying, tracking, and assuming control of the complex relationships existing between individual parts in a complex assembly. Further, with these enabling technologies, automatic generation of tool paths, tool changes, table rotation and tool cycles is possible.

Analytical Facilities

The broad area of activities that come under the purview of design analysis and process simulation comprise firstly computer-aided analysis for static and dynamic functional requirement regarding stress and deflection and for optimisation of designs. Secondly, it covers the simulation of some engineering processes to optimise design of components from the manufacturability angle such as tooling, methoding and process parameters. Thirdly, the hazard and safety requirements are analysed using various tools including computer software.

Tool Room
Manufacturing Facilities

CMERI has equipped itself with state-of-the-art machines such as CNC Lathes, EDM Die Sinking Machine, 3-Axis DRO System, Precision Cylindrical Grinder, Very High Speed Grinding and Milling Spindles, CNC Retrofits, Tool Presetter, Centre Hole Grinding Machine, Jig Grinder Attachment, etc. A modern and versatile Heat Treatment Furnace with fluidised heating media has also been installed.

Foundry Facilities
CMERI boasts a modern foundry comprising facilities such as Induction Melting Furnace, Core Baking Oven, Shot Blasting Machine & advanced facilities for Investment and Spin Casting. SOFTCAST and AFS software have been introduced for complete computerisation of foundry methoding, namely gating and sintering system, solidification simulation, etc.
Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
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