Machine Design & Development
In today’s Global technological scenario, Innovative Product Development Cycle has become very important for competitiveness. Rapid Technological changes and advances in CAD/CAM/CAE including virtual prototyping have enabled shorter cycle time for innovations.

3D CAD Model of High Speed Braille Printer Machine Design Development Group (MDDG) in CMERI is equipped with a number of workstations networked extensively with high end PCs. Modern software tools e.g. I-DEAS, CATIA, MDT, AutoCAD are available for analysis, design and drafting.

This group undertakes development of various types of Special Purpose Machine (SPM).

Following SPMs has been developed by MDDG ( or the process is under development ) :

Cricket Ball Stitching Machine
Stitch Bonding Machine
Cricket Ball Throwing Machine
CTC Roller Sharpening Machine

 Important projects going-on
Automatic Fruit Sorting and Grading machine
Automatic Machine for sharpening / resharpening of CTC Tea rollers

Development of High Speed Braille Printer

MDDG is also integrated with the Electronics group to carry out automation related projects.

Cricket bowling machine
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Provides consistent batting practice for different cross-sections of cricketers (professionals, amateurs, women cricketers & juniors)

  Design Calculation
  Gear Profile
  [ power point file ]
for drawing the profile of an Involute Gear of non standard parameters one can use the given formula specifying 3 points on radius (or more) and can find the profile points, joinin which profile is achieved

Cricket Ball Decorative Stitching Machine
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This unique machine can produce one cover with two rows of decorative stitches in five minutes.

Dr. S. Majumder,
Scientist & Head,
Phone : ext-424

Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India