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Graphene, a two-dimensional material has been regarded as the thinnest material in the world ever tested. It is considered as the mother of all graphitic materials. Graphene has attracted a significant interest both in the Industry and Academia due to its high tensile strength (130±10 GPa), thermal conductivity (~5000 W/mK), electrical conductivity (7200 S/m), specific surface area (2400 m2/g), good optical transparency (>95%) and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) behaviour. However, all these superior properties are closely associated with the monolayer (or up to 3 layers) of graphene. Graphene layer has a tendency to restack and forms three-dimensional graphitic structure. Moreover, the processing of pristine graphene is very difficult for further use. Therefore, the use of graphite oxide or graphene oxide (GO) as the starting material of chemically derived graphene is a common practise through out the researchers.

CSIR-CMERI is ready to supply best quality chemically derived graphene at reasonable price in various forms such as Graphite Oxide, Graphene Oxide (GO), Amine Functionalized Graphene (AFG). GO and AFG are available in two forms: solid powder and dispersed in aqueous or organic solvents. The chemically derived graphene is suitable for applications in supercapacitor, Li-ion battery, sensor, automotive composites, tyre industry, aqueous lubricantion, Conductive ink, etc.