Cereal Cake Machine

Cricket Stitching Machine
Cricket Ball Throwing Machine

CTC Roller Sharpening

Fruit Sorting Machine

Jaquard Card Punching Machine

Interpoint Braille embosser

 Electronics & Intrumentation Group

CMERI is fast growing solution provider in automation system in mechanical engineering by virtue of the services it is extending through the Electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory. For facilitating demands for the design and development of products tailored to industrial requirements in India, this laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like:

  • Embedded System Development Tools  (PIC 16 bit, 24 bit), ARM, 80C51core based microcontrollers)
  • PCB Design tool
  • Circuit Simulation tool
  • MATLAB Software &Simulator
  • Digital Signal Processing Hardware and Software
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (1GHz)
  • High Frequency Function Generator(100MHz)
  • Spectrum Analyser (9KHz-3GHz)
  • RF Signal generator (9kHz- 3GHz)
  • Wi-Fi  Camera

Credit of good standard of applied R&D, publications in conferences, journals, modernized infrastructure have endowed the group with a strong expertise base for offering quality research and technical support to organizations and industries. A group of well qualified scientists / officials with expertise in modeling, analysis, design and experiment, which is an asset, has enabled to take up innovative and challenging work in the field.

Control System of High Speed Inter-Point Braille Printer.(sponsored)
Control System for Serpentine Robot. (CSIR funded)
Design and Development of Micro-Controller Based Electronics and Instrumentation System for Mine Detector.(CSIR funded)
Automatic Machine for Hygienic, Ethnic Food for Common People.(CSIR funded)

Design of Control System for Cricket Ball Decorative Stitching Machine.(sponsored)
Design of Control System for Cricket Ball Throwing Machine.(collaborative)
Computerised Jacquard Card Punching Machine,(sponsored)
Control System for Automated CTC Roller Sharpening Machine.(Sponsored)
Development of Electromagnetic Stirrer.(sponsored)
Automatic Fruit Sorting and Grading Machine.(CSIR funded)

Mrs Uma Dutta
Scientist & Head,
E & I Group,
Phone : 0343-6510253
Email : 


Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India