Centre for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP),
M.G. Avenue, Durgapur- 713 209


The Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) at the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) was created in 2005 to address the challenges in the area of advanced materials. The thrust area of work focuses on experimental research and development in nanomaterials processing for different applications. It comprises facilities to synthesize and characterize various functional nanomaterials. Recently, the centre is focused on the development of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC),nano hybrid materials for tissue engineering, structural nanocomposite materials for cutting tools and strategic application, opto-electronic materials for sensor and novel ceramic shelling for investment casting of Advanced Materials including composites.


As part of its mission, CAMP engages in the state-of-the-art multidisciplinary research at the intersections of the fields of materials, electronics,bio-technology and engineering. CAMP are constanly pursuing to up-dating the knowldege advancement, facilities for characterization and advanced processing capabilities for commercialization. The characterzation facilities are also extended to users from both academia and industry.


CAMP's vision is to solve complex scientific and engineering challenges in the area of advanced materials including nanomaterials. This division also serves the industrial interests by forming industrial partner groups and seeking opportunities for sharing innovation with the commercial sector.