CMERI has designed and developed an experimental prototype of cricket bowling machine.
The main usage of this machine is to provide consistent batting practice for different cross-sections of the players. The bowling machine will assist in improving the natural talent of the batsman. The bowling machine is very much useful to the cricketers, who can use it as part of their regular practice for fine-tuning of batting without necessity of bowler. It will be of much use at school, club and junior level where the standards of bowling are less consistent.
Key Features:
  • Microprocessor based digital speed control.
  • Adjustable speed in 2 km/hr. increments from 50 km/hr. to 160 km/hr.
  • Digital LCD ball speed indicator.
  • Different varieties of bowling like good length , half volley, full toss, bouncer , in-swing, out-swing, spin are possible.
  • Triaxial positive and precise tilting arrangement for precision line and length.
  • Fully enclosed body enhances operatorís safety.
  • Co-acting carefully balanced wheels for delivery of the ball.
  • Portable and low cost.
CMERI is looking for a sponsorer, who can take the know-how for commercial manufacture of the machine.

Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India