35 HP Sonalika Tractor

Development of Agriculture machinery to suit indigenous needs and conditions has been a continuing activity of CSIR-CMERI. With continuous demand of tractors for farm mechanization CSIR-CMERI developed design know-how of 35 HP Tractor and released the know-how to M/s International Tractors Limited, Hoshiarpur for commercialization during 2002 as Sonalika Tractor. The tractor is suitable for medium and large land holdings.


  Photograph of Latest Version of Sonalika Tractor
Technical Details :


Gear Box

  • Type : Constant mesh cum sliding mesh
  • Number of Speeds  : Eight Forward and two reverse
  • Type of gears  : Helical gears for constant mesh and spur gears for sliding mesh. High- low reduction by epicyclic gears
Differential & Final Drive  
  • Type                : Differential-Straight bevel gear crown wheel and pinion with spider kit assembly
  • Final Drive       : Bull gear and bull pinion
Hydraulic System
  • Double lever hydraulic system with automatic draft control and position control. The draft sensing is from the top link.

Brake System

  • Dry disc brakes, foot operated, with a locking latch for parking

Steering System

  • Worm and gear type steering with a single drop arm and a tie-rod on the left-hand side, coupled with a cross tie-rod in the front

Front Axle

  • Telescopic front axle with a square section having a central swivel pin and adjustable track

Additional Features :

  • Synchromesh gear box
  • Oil immersed disc brakes
  • Provision of power take off shaft with 540 rpm
  • Power take off shaft cover
  • Arrangement for mounting auxiliary single/dual hydraulic valves
  • Swinging draw-bar
  • Arrangement for mounting 7-pole electrical socket
  • Hand brake
  • Roll-over protection structure
  • Adjustable stay bars for lower links



Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India