An Eco-Friendly Dual Powered Rickshaw (Soleckshaw)
Keeping the logistics and disadvantages of a conventional or electric rickshaw in mind, a motor assisted pedal driven pedicab named "Soleckshaw" has been developed. It is a three (wheeled pedicab, rear wheels are driven by manual pedalling and front wheel is driven by Brush Less DC (BLDC) electric hub motor.

This pedicab can be driven by manual pedaling or by BLDC motor or in combination of both. An override mechanism has been used at the center of rear axle resulting in proper turning and better dynamic stability of the vehicle.

This vehicle provides driving comfort to the driver and can run for longer distances compared to manual driven cycle rickshaws, resulting in higher earning of rickshaw pullers. The technology has been transferred to 4 industries on non exclusive basis for commercialization.


Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India