Radio Frequency Quadruple (RFQ) Linac
Besides use in nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics and material science, medium energy ion beams are essential for injection in high energy Linac (Drift tube type) for further increase in energy level.CSIR-CMERI has designed and developed Radio Frequency Quadruple (RFQ) Linac for the first time in the country.


The level of development includes the engineering design, system analysis and development of 40kW, 37MHz RFQ Linac (3.2m) along with its ion source (ECR) and Beam rebuncher (Linac-RB) with input energy 1.68Kev/u and output energy 97.5 Kev/u. With this development, India became the 2nd nation in Asia, after Japan to have this capability. The other countries in the world who have this capability are USA, Germany, Japan, Israel and France.


Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India