Outdoor Mobile Robot (OMR)


Research & Development of Mobile Robot for outdoor, strategic and industrial
application is gaining momentum in India. Generally the application of indoor mobile robots is limited to factory automation and materials handling.
However, the outdoor mobile robots are more flexible and demand of the day due to its application potential for multiple and multirole civilian applications.

A prototype outdoor mobile robot with tracked configuration has been designed and developed.

The prototype designed is primarily a caterpillar type and can be interchangeable to wheeled configuration. Graphite brushed motor is used in the development with a tracked belt transmission. Double sided timer belts are used as tracks. These tracks are guided by flanged timing pulleys.

Outdoor mobile robot (OMR) was proposed for explosive detection capability
with autonomous navigation on rough terrain. It has a four-wheel drive system with tracked configuration. The four separate drive units are constructed by means of a motor, bevel gears, sprocket-chain and wheels. The drive unit drives the ground wheel by means of a roller chain. The whole load of the system is distributed on three ground wheels.



Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India