Semi-Continuous Type Biodiesel Plant Suitable for Rural Sector
CSIR-CMERI designed, fabricated, installed and tested two numbers of semi-continuous type biodiesel plants. The plant design is based on process timing and simulation so that all the components can work for the designated time and ultimately produce 600 litre of biodiesel per day (24 hours working basis). The maximum power consumption of the plant is 3 kW at peak time.


Both the plants have been successfully tested with Jatropha and soybean. The fuel properties of jatropha and soybean biodiesel produced from the plants have been tested and the results obtained are within the limit of American Society for Testing Materials, United States of America, standards. The technology has been transferred to M/s Fabcon Engineers, M/s Best Engg. Technologies, M/s York Steel Fabricators, and M/s Hindustan Bio-Diesel Pvt. Ltd.


Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India