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  Employees of Surface and Field Robotics (ORDER BY EMPLOYEE'S DESIGNATION)
Sarbari Datta, Senior Principal Scientist       
Sankar Karmakar, Principal Scientist       
Ravi Kant Jain, Principal Scientist       
Umesh Shrikrishna Patkar, Senior Scientist       
Dip Narayan Ray, Senior Scientist       
Abhijit Das, Junior Scientist       
Sandeep Jain, Technical Officer       
Jnanananda Thandar, Private Secretary       
Suman K Char, Technical Officer       
Imtiaz Alam, Technical Assistant (1)       
Arijit Chowdhury, Technical Assistant (1)       
Anjan Lakra, Technician (1)       
Sukanta Bhattacharjee, Technician (1)       
Nalin Paul, Technician (1)       
Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India