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  Employees of Engineering Design Group (ORDER BY EMPLOYEE'S DESIGNATION)
Nitish Kumar, Scientist       
Atanu Maity, Senior Principal Scientist    Group Head   
Tapas Gangopadhyay, Principal Scientist       
Ashok Kr. Prasad, Senior Scientist       
Arup Kumar Nandi, Principal Scientist       
Bibhuti Bhusan Ghosh, Senior Scientist       
Subrata kumar Mondal, Senior Scientist       
Sudipta De, Senior Scientist       
Anupam Sinha, Senior Scientist       
Lal Gopal Das, Scientist       
Binod Kr. Saha, Scientist       
Biplob Roy, Technical Officer       
Munshi Amirul Alam, Technical Assistant (2)       
Sankar Chel, Technical Officer       
Dilip Garain, Technical Assistant (1)       
Garibdas Garai, Technical Assistant (1)       
Sudeshna Das, Technical Assistant (1)       
Amitabha Debnath, TO C       
Arun Baiju V.G., TA B1>TA B1   
Chanchal Das, Technician (1)       
Pallab Chatterjee, Technician (1)       
Sabyasachi Mosan, Technician (1)       
Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India